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When something traumatic happens do you know what to do ? Most don't, Read below what happens in reality and how to deal with it.


You stop thinking clearly, and people rush to the obvious answer, something they think they understand and what others have done before.

People are happy to spend a whole afternoon to find a slightly better deal on their car insurance, but when it comes to funerals, families’ often part with thousands of pounds with doing their due diligence.

Also it comes at a point where people don’t want to look cheap, and it often equated (wrongly) that the more you spend the more the person was loved or respected.

When something traumatic happens do you know what to do ? Most don't

“Take a Breath”

Usually when someone dies in the western world, they are often in care, either hospital, hospice or care home. The person will be transferred to local mortuary and from this point the pressure should calm down. 

“Review your Options”  

What sort of funeral are you thinking of, burial or cremation. Simple or big, do it yourselves, do some of it yourselves, or do none of it yourselves. What sort of person is the deceased? What would they like?? Did they leave instructions or funeral wishes behind in a funeral plan or detailed in their will.

“Wait a minute while I Google it!”

Normally when thing are calm and you need to make choices, people do their research and make decisions based on things they find out. Using the internet with comprehensive searches is usually the first port of call. 

“Impartial, Value and Choice”

There are several sources of information to help with Funerals online, one of the most convenient and recommended being It’s not about cheap coffins or cheap funerals, but get the service you want at the best possible value. They offer a very simple promise; to help people make clear and unemotional choices. To pay for this service they see coffins at trade prices; in fact if you find a same coffin to the same quality for less they will refund the difference.

“Free Delivery”

Unlike other services offer delivery and VAT included in the price. No Hidden extra and also can ordered online or over the phone for the same price.

“Call to Action”

Join the thousands of others who have found compare the coffin the best resource for help, at a time when you when you need the best help and emotion neutral advice

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