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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the time we have been working we have developed a wealth of knowledge about the funeral process and of course supplying the best value and quality coffins on the market.

So we’ve put together answers to the most of the commonly asked questions; please read; but also don’t be put off calling us for advice at any time, 7 days a week 8 till 9 on 0800 690 6513.

If we’ve missed anything out please let us know!

All prices shown on our catalogue or coffin shop include guaranteed next day delivery (from point of leaving our suppliers) within the UK mainland.

We deliver to all other areas including the Highlands of Scotland and Isle of White and this may incur a small additional charge (but not always!)

We also can arrange shipping across the world and have delivered coffins in Europe and several countries in Africa or we can work a shipping agent of your choice.

(Note when a product is exported outside the EU the VAT at 20% would be able to be reclaimed at customs)

We aim to deliver ALL our products within 72 hours, however if we have coffin you want in stock with one of our suppliers any order by 12 am should be to be delivered the next working day (or Saturday at a small additional charge)

For reference our natural materials coffin and American Casket are shipped from stock where as Traditional Coffins and Cardboard coffins are made to order.

Additional time is required for customised coffins especially if we are working to a new design.

Simple answer; Yes! No if’s or but’s the funeral director has to accept the coffin of your choice. You can’t force someone to buy something they don’t want to buy.

It’s not all bad news for the funeral director, by becoming registered with Comparethecoffin.com they will generate extra business that they otherwise wouldn’t get. See here for how to get business on comparethecoffin.com funeral comparison.

All prices on our Coffin Shop include VAT at 20% – Funerals are free of VAT but the Funeral Director will be paying VAT to the coffin supplier but as they are not VAT registered they are unable to reclaim the VAT on supplies from the HMRC. This means our coffins are even better value!

(Note when a product is exported outside the EU the VAT at 20% would be able to be reclaimed at customs)

Nearly everybody asks this! For Traditional and Cardboard Coffin which are made to order we can make any size – depending on the size of the person.

For natural materials we keep in stock up to 7 different sizes of some of the more popular choices.

American caskets are larger in themselves, but some have adjustable internal sections to make the space more suitable.

We need to know the height of the person and the width across the shoulders – it can be just as easy for us to contact the funeral or even the mortuary get those details for you.

Note there is usually an additional cost to providing extra-large or oversize coffins

We constantly look to ensure that our products are the best value on the market, but in the unlikely event that you find same coffin or casket, to the same quality, we will match the price and if you’ve already paid then refund you the difference.

Please note that not all coffins are the same quality, when we started we made a decision very early on to only deal with high quality, reliable suppliers in the UK, and therefore we wouldn’t have any quality issues.

We have been offered cheaper coffins to sell, but on inspection the quality isn’t there. Seeing that we are saving people usually half the cost on the prices charged by some Funeral Director we didn’t see the need to scratch the bottom on this.

I was involved in arranging a funeral, and this was my first experience and very quickly, why isn’t there an online resource to help people at this time?

Also I realised that the coffins seem incredibly expensive!

I told the manager in the Funeral that I would get him back for this, and 2 months later we had the website up, so Comparethecoffin.com is bought to life out of revenge.

No, we always make contact with the Funeral Director to confirm delivery details. At the same time we find out all other details including size of the person, and any other special requirements.

Lastly to reassure the Funeral director on the quality of the coffin and it will meet all their expectations.

Doing the funeral yourselves is very easy can be done by anyone

Comparethecoffin.com is expert at guiding you through the whole process, what’s require, and tips and suggestions that will save you effort, time and obviously money.

You are completely in your rights to change your mind and ask for the person so that you can do the funeral yourselves. You maybe be asked for a storage and professional services fee what can be considerable, but please contact us and we can advise on the best course of action.

I some instances where a hospice has a relationship with a local funeral director you hear of someone passing and then find out the person is already with a funeral director without you giving anyone instructions.

Most common extras are:

  • Name plate – usually a requirement for cremation and we can get that cut and put on the coffin for you.
  • Plush coffin lining – mainly for our Traditional and cardboard coffins as standard fit is a Cremation film material
  • Not all of our coffins come with handles included, (mostly our cardboard coffins) but these can be added at a small cost. Only really needed if the family are carrying the coffin rather than pall bearers provided by the funeral director

Name plate conventions are; the Full name (as on the birth/death certificate) and then either the date of birth and date of death or, Age and Date of Death.

We can usually add any other message you would like after that.

For our printed cardboard coffin we can have large amounts of text and images added to the coffin lid.

Yes we can easily arrange this. Comparethecoffin.com uses suppliers in different locations, and it absolutely possible to visit one of these locations

Unfortunately at present we don’t have a single showroom where you can view the entire range in one location.

Please call us to make arrangement

Absolutely!  To help you find a funeral director just go to our ‘Immediate Plan’ mechanism. Complete the forms, choose a coffin, pay for the coffin and then let the system do the hard work.

Within a few hours you’ll receive quotations from funeral directors registered with us. Current we have 600 funeral directors which cover most of the country

You are free to choose which ever funeral director you want, even ones we didn’t show you. All we need to know is to where to send the coffin!

Using Comparethecoffin.com ‘Future Plan’ mechanism you can create a plan funeral plan which can emailed or printed. This free service allows the plan to be modified any number of times and is held securely on our database for as long as you need it. During the plan you have the ability to choose a coffin from our catalogue but

We have partnered with funeral plan provider ‘Golden Leaves’ who we believe offer great value and integrity. Use this form to ask for a free quotation

Because there are other items that people need for the funeral, Comaprethecoffin.com has negotiated discounts on flowers and order or service sheets

Using the code CTC10 you can obtain 10% discount at eflorist one of the best online florists in the UK

Using the code CTC10 you can obtain 10% discount at funeral hymn sheets which allows you to create an order of service using their online tool and either printing it yourselves or alternatively using their printing services who work overnight and send you high quality printed documents the next day

Yes, we current are holding several deposits on coffins that people will use in the future. In some instances people prepaid the full amount and the advantage of doing this is it fixes the price at today’s level but we promise to deliver the coffin of your choice at any point in the future regardless of price increases.

Some customer have wanted to keep the coffins they buy in their own storage and as long as it’s weather proof and fairly dry then there is no reason why this shouldn’t be problem.

If the worst happens we always recover! On the very rare occasions that a coffin is damaged in transit we will immediately make/ order another and ship it with waiting for the original coffin to be returned.

We have made this a condition for our suppliers and shipping providers that they provide this level of service.

Can you can call comparethecoffin.com on 0800 690 6513, 7 days a week, 8am till 8pm (although sometimes very people ring very late!). If for any reason we can’t get to the phone please leave a message your number and we aim to return all calls same day – usually within 1 hour

For online enquiries please email info@comparethecoffin.com or use our contact form – we aim to reply to all enquiries within one day (but usually within 1 hour)

Absolutely, customers have decorated our coffins flowers and ivy, got grand children to decorate and paint coffins – our white cardboard coffin has a special coating that allows poster paint and felt tip ink to adhere to it well. One even turned wicker coffins into an owl!

Also we can design unique bespoke design which can be digitally printed on to wood or cardboard, still our favourite one was this one featured in the Daily Telegraph