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Camper Van Coffin

Hi Steven,

It was my dad’s funeral on Friday & the first time I saw the coffin. It was beautiful… as we were going to the crematorium, people were noticing it & pointing it out to each other if they were walking together. It made me proud that I had picked something that was special to my dad & something different to an ordinary coffin for his final journey. Even the minister said it was stunning.
I had no doubt that there would be no problem with the delivery to the funeral director having spoken to you.
I’ll pop a review on Google, but I wanted to message you direct to say thank you.
Thank you again,
Ann-Marie Stephenson

Ann-Marie Stephenson


Very Happy With The Coffin

Absolutely lovely service and very happy with the coffin we have ordered. Thank you Steven for all your help.

Ewelina Matysiak

Wonderful Service

Wonderful service from start to finish, Steve was fantastic and ever so helpful. Lost for words, the casket was fit for a king, will make my dad proud. Detail and quality of casket is simply breathtaking. Could not ask for better service. Thank you so much. Buy with !00% confidence.

Milica M, Birmingham

Love The Idea, Great Work!

I just heard Steven on U105 there explaining this website which brought me to it. I wanted to say what a great idea you all have put together. I’ve been to enough funerals in my short life, and each one of them as sombre as the next. I love the idea of being able to plan your own so that people behind can just “celebrate” your life, rather than worry about arrangements. Good luck to you. Kind Regards.


Beautiful Coffin

I would just like to say that everyone commented on the coffin I recently purchased from you (the cerise banana casket). They all said how beautiful it was and the guy at the mortuary said it was the nicest one of it’s kind he’d ever seen. Thank you. Kind regards

Lisa Charman

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