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Wonderful service from start to finish, Steve was fantastic and ever so helpful. Lost for words, the casket was fit for a king, will make my dad proud. Detail and quality of casket is simply breathtaking. Could not ask for better service. Thank you so much. Buy with !00% confidence.

- Milica M, Birmingham

The whole experience of “doing” the funeral ourselves was incredibly special. We popped my mother in her coffin in the back of the landcover and took her to the funeral ourselves. There were only 9 immediate family at the funeral and it was an incredibly intimate event, where we all sat around the coffin in the knave and read personal “things” that we individually thought very relevant to her and the family, as well as a couple of songs on a bluetooth speaker. The vicar (a cousin) who performed the service thought that it was one of the most personal and lovely services. We had no organ music, flowers, other than those on the coffin. This was our day. My mother was 89. The next day we had a big celebratory service with about 150 people a band, lots of flowers. A great send off and I have to say that I was very grateful to Compare the Coffin for suggesting that in addition to buying a coffin, we “do it ourselves”!

- Best David

Hi, I just got home from work and my partner said the coffin arrived a couple of hours ago. I had a quick peep and it really looks lovely. Thank you so much for all of your help and for going the extra mile and getting the interior sorted for me too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your idea for the website is such a good one and I hope people realise that they can do their own shopping and not do as the funeral directors (the vultures) tell them to do… I hope you continue to do well with the website and ill definitely be in touch next time life throws me a bucket of lemons… (Not too soon I hope!) Thank you once again for all of your help. I will leave a this comment on your Facebook page too. Thank you. Take care.

- From Facebook

Steve, I just wanted to say that you did a fabulous coffin for dad recently. At what was an extremely stressful time due to other issues with the funeral directors your service was impeccable, professional to the end and we thank you for helping us through this. I would not hesitate to recommend your service you have not only saved us a small fortune but the quality of dads coffin was second to none. Happy to recommend you should anyone want to speak with one of your customers.

- Margaret Joyce

Good Morning Steven, Now I have my normal head back on and things have calmed down I realised I had not said a very big Thank You to you for all your help. The coffin you supplied for |John was superb. Exactly what he would have wanted. It caused a lot of interest on the island. I was very pleased with it and could not have wanted better. Thank you again for making a difficult time so much easier. South Uist

- Pat Holtham

Thank you Steve, not just for arranging the coffin but for all the advice and help over the phone. Made a difficult task much easier than expected. Best wishes, Carron PS. I don’t think I will ever forget the look on my neighbours face when she saw what was being carried into my front door….that would have definitely made my brother laugh!

- Carron McCann

I ordered a coffin for my mother-in-law and feeling a bit anxious, rang early the next morning to check if it was ok, to find Steven had already been in touch with the undertaker to check on delivery arrangements. I was very impressed with the service and would recommend this company to anyone.

- Sylvia Wearing - Boston Lancs

I found the website through Google and was very glad I did. More people should be aware that you can actually buy your own coffin rather than just accepting those on offer from the funeral director.

- Sarah Carroll - Birmingham

Thank You Steve for having the courage to take on the undertakers My wife Angie could not have had the funeral she wanted if we hadn’t found your company..I couldnt buy a coffin from the makers there only available through the funeral directors trade I will admit I was cautious when I came across your site as I was taken a back buy the name, after talking with you I placed the order & with your help I learnt so much When the coffin arrived it was just as orderd but looked so much better & I can say in honesty you put my mind at ease & the follow up support you gave was greatly received You gave me the ability to give Angie the funeral she wanted No undertakers & no hearse she had such a dislike of all of it, The dispatches programme on Ch4 How Britain buries the dead exposed their disrespect as shown by an undercover reporter who accesed the trade filmed an array of shocking events I would urge anyone who loved there lost ones dont just phone the undertakers to perform a ”STANDARD” Funeral Angie had the most personal send off completed by all who loved her, You can do it take courage and do it …Just for them Thanks Steve You are a brilliant guy, & Good luck

- From Facebook

Steven Mitchell was fantastic and very sympathetic to our fathers recent passing, he helped us enormously in choosing the right coffin for him, my fathers coffin was the Raised Lid and Panelled Coffin, in dark oak, Steve even went and ordered the inner lining and Linen Pillow, which was lovely against the dark oak, he even sorted the brass plaque with the inscription that we wanted.the coffin was made to measure and delivered within 3 working days, fantastic.The amount of friends and family that commented on our fathers coffin was unbelievable, steve made a very traumatic and hard task real simple, we shall never forget the kind support from steve.from all the Mills family , thankyou all.

- Steve Mills

Although the web site and all tools and information was Excellent, I, personally needed to talk to someone, i didnt feel confident with to order a product so very personal over the inter-net, but i do think in time things will change.

- Vanessa Bird

Absolutely lovely service and very happy with the coffin we have ordered. Thank you Steven for all your help.

- Ewelina Matysiak

Excellent service from compare the coffin. I wasn’t sure about buying online, but compare the coffin were able to help with the order on the phone and were on hand to answer questions. The coffin was delivered next day and was excellent quality. So good, in fact, that half my family have asked for the same coffin!

- Matthew Knight

I would just like to say that everyone commented on the coffin I recently purchased from you (the cerise banana casket). They all said how beautiful it was and the guy at the mortuary said it was the nicest one of it’s kind he’d ever seen. Thank you. Kind regards

- Lisa Charman

I just heard Steven on U105 there explaining this website which brought me to it. I wanted to say what a great idea you all have put together. I’ve been to enough funerals in my short life, and each one of them as sombre as the next. I love the idea of being able to plan your own so that people behind can just “celebrate” your life, rather than worry about arrangements. Good luck to you. Kind Regards.

- Janine

Honest straightforward service, very helpful & reliable. Responsive and considerate communicator, genuine interest in supplying what we wanted, going the extra mile.

- Mary C

Very nice people to deal with, made the choice simple and easy and right for us

- Charlotte

This was a fantastic resource when planning my father’s funeral- the first people i spoke to who weren’t horrified that I wanted to organise it myself. The help, advice and support on all aspects of the project were wonderful. I wholeheartedly recommend the team for anyone who wants to do it their own way. The first coffin delivered was unfortunately damaged in transit but Steven sorted out a replacement within 24 hours – it just took one phone call and he sorted it all out, keeping me informed all the way. Fantastic customer service

- Vivienne M

Dear Steven, Hope you are very well. Just writing to let you know that the funeral went very well and everyone was extremely pleased and happy with the coffin you chose. Thanks again for your kindness, thoughtfulness and advise. Best wishes

- Margaret Graham

Only used funeral director to look after my husband until we collected him for funeral. They noticed the misspelt plaque on coffin and very kindly did another foc. I must admit, the delivery of coffin took longer than I expected, and I was very worried that it would not arrive before funeral direcotors closed. Steven was very helpful throughout whole process and helped make me laugh at a difficult time. Thank you. (Steven says ‘Margaret ordered the coffin on the friday evening, it was made on monday, the stain dries over night, collected by the shipper and on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday – we use a guarenteed next day delivery service)

- Margaret Brombley

Hi Steven, Sorry it’s taken us a little while to come back to you, but I wanted to thank you for all your help when we needed it most whilst we were arranging Mums funeral. After looking at the undertakers boring coffin catalogue.. half of the traditional coffins they had to offer looked like something Dracula was going to rise up out of …. So when I started looking at your caskets online I thought this is more like it, this is what I’d want my mum to rest in as opposed to Dracula’s coffin…;) I finally chose. The last Supper casket, which was lovely, then I thought hmmm I’m about to buy a coffin online is it going to arrive, is it going to look like the photo on this site etc etc..anyway I gave you a call and after speaking to you all my fears were gone, you’re a lovely lively person to speak to and I felt everything was going to be fine. Anyone would have thought I was Nutts choosing a casket whilst mum was still alive. However I had to get real, yes Mum was still alive but was terminally ill cancer had riddled her body, and we knew she didn’t have very long to live. I was her carer, and we would often talk about her funeral arrangements. Whilst I was online scrolling through the catalogue of coffins and caskets I showed Mum the casket I was planning to buy her and asked her what she thought of this one, she said ” ooooh that’s lovely The last Supper I like that” she would often ask me about what her funeral would be like and what I was planning to do for her, I began to explain what it was all going to be like. She was a woman of very strong Faith, she believed in God, she was a woman who would be so straight and down to earth about death and wasn’t scared of dying because she knew she would be ok, she asked me to dress her as if she were going to church so I choose an outfit for her and the perfect hat, she actually helped me plan her own funeral. After making the payment to you for the casket within a few weeks my mum had passed away peacefully. but prior to that she liked her casket. And said it looked posh..lol You were very professional and sent the casket direct to the funeral directors. The casket was lovely and looked amazing‎. I would suggest your company to anyone that may need it. Thanks again for all your help Kind Regards

- Sharon

Dear Steven, I am delighted with the help you have given at this unusual time. The coffin is beautiful and both my sister and niece agree. Everything you promised happened, and all those things made this time easier. Thank you. Kind regards,

- Peter

Dear Steven, Just a quick email to thank you for helping make my husband’s funeral perfect. Everyone commented on the coffin & agreed that Ted would love it! I collected his ashes today and the urn too is perfect. On behalf of myself and my children, I thank you for an extremely professional and friendly service.

- Sandie

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