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Over time we have been offering our direct to the public coffin sales service we have had loads of people asking about is there something else apart from the normal coffins and caskets.

So inspired I want to look for alternatives. I get invited to several events, mostly around natural burials and eco options for either cremations or burial.

There are some interesting people to meet; as you expect the whole area attracts unusual types  (note; I include myself in that group). A lot of ‘new age’ people get into this as well

One slightly crazy showed me the felt burial shroud that made. I must admit it was absolutely amazing, mostly white wool with little patches of green, pink and orange.
She said she made the felt in the old technique of soaking and layering the wool in a crisscross pattern. Then with you shoe you lay the whole thing on a hard surface, like a rock, and stamp up and down on until the wool fibers stick together.

The result was really lovely and I was really taken with the burial shroud she’d made. 

So, the big question is how much?? For all this hand-crafted loveliness she wanted £750!! Which given how long and how much effort goes into each one I didn’t think was completely over the top.

The next question could she actually supply them from stock? This was difficult as the process takes about 4 weeks to make and the one to show anybody, so, unfortunately, putting it on the coffin shop catalog wasn’t really going to work out, which was a shame.

Finally, one of the suppliers that already work with has started a completely new item, and as far as I know new to the funeral industry in the UK.

It consists of a separate shroud for the body and then a tray to lay the person so it can be carried and then can be used for Burial or Cremation

At last, we have a real alternative to the standard offering to coffins and casket 

Available to buy today for £425 including VAT and Delivery

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Category : American Caskets | Date : 25-03-2019

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