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Easy guide to plan a funeral and to make all the arrangements by yourself

Times like these can be difficult and stressful for anyone, particularly for those who have never experienced such a situation before. You may be clueless about what to do next, how to plan things or how to manage the situation but don’t worry! Here is some help! Following information will make this difficult period a little easier for you.

Let us first take you through the steps of arranging a funeral — right from making those first calls when someone dies to that of taking care of the financial matters that arise after such an event.

Although, many people hire a funeral director to take care of everything but that is not the only way. You don’t necessarily have to do that. You can manage it without having to hire a director and save yourself some hard earned money. Good news is that funeral can be arranged in a cost effective manner or depending on your financial situation you can tailor it accordingly.

We will share with you all the steps you must take going forward. Steps in the Funeral Planning Process are as follows:

Let’s have a look at the list of activities and events that you have to plan;

First Calls

Here you have to make those “first calls” to notify the appropriate parties.


First Call results in an initial transfer of the person from the place of death to a funeral home/facility. A need to other subsequent transfers may arise if you have to take the deceased to another funeral at some other city/state.


There may be a possibility that the deceased has perhaps has ordered pre-arrangements (taken a funeral plan)

Cemetery Arrangements

You may have to get in touch with officials from cemetery to book a place/purchase some space. You don’t have to buy the most expensive casket or Wooden caskets for ashes. There are a wide range of options available so you can choose depending upon your budget.

Memorial Items

You will have to keep in mind the necessary merchandise (such as casket, Coffin burial or vault, cremation urns UK) and memorial items (grave marker, online memorial) and funeral stationery.

Estate/Financial/Administrative Matters

The affairs of the deceased must be put in order and all the relevant parties must be informed. It may range from sending death notices to applying for death benefit claims to changing the records/title of the deceased’s assets and updating it through the legal procedures.

There were some of the key points of the process. When planning a funeral, you have to keep many aspects which you can plan and personalize, right from features to readings or songs to participants. In many religious practices all types of songs can’t be played during funerals. In case of a religious service, it may be dictated by the religious tradition; you have to speak with your local clergy to know more about your community’s customs and rituals.

Additionally, here are a few more things that you should be aware of:

  • Plan an estimated figure amount for funeral and take necessary steps to cut down the projected cost
  • Arrange pallbearers to carry/ escort the casket
  • Choose people who would deliver eulogies

It may be anyone such as Family members, friends, clergy, or funeral conductors who often give eulogies.

  • Identify people to deliver readings/prayers at the service
  • Select the right type of flower arrangements that you would like to have at the service
  • Designate someone who would remove the flowers from the venue
  • Set an order of events

You might want to write down an order of events and activities to seamlessly organize the funeral.

Choose songs or music that you would like to play as part of the funeral service process. Check if the necessary arrangements are in place to organize it smoothly. For example, the room/place supports the technology or not and make arrangements accordingly.