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7 Facts About Your Green Burial Options

Death planning is often considered to be deep, personal, sensitive and an unpleasant topic. Good part is that more people are having such conversations and thinking of ways to commit to the environment. People are now opting for green burials as part of their funeral planning. Everyone these days is looking for ways to cut their carbon footprint and green burial may be the best way to be able to do that. Well if you don't have much information or haven't heard about it the reading this article would be of interest and you might want to consider the benefits of choosing one. No matter if it is for your loved one that you are planning for or even for yourself. Understanding your options always make the process easier and seamless. Let's have a detailed look at key facts about your green burial options! Here they are:

1. Environment Friendly

Since Green caskets are made from biodegrade material so it decomposes easily and naturally. What this means is - they don't add a large number of toxins to the environment while traditional caskets often take a longer time period to decompose, because the casket is made up of metal and other resources which are not eco-friendly. Since the majority of traditional caskets undergo a lot of chemical treatments such as veneer or paint, these materials seep into the soil which prolongs the time to decompose and does a lot of damage to the environment However, that's not the case with environment friendly green burials.

2. It helps Workers

Green burials are favorable not only for the environment but also for the workers who are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals such as carcinogens, embalming fluid, and the formaldehyde. Green burial methods have natural alternatives such essential oils as replacement to those toxic chemicals and hence it doesn't pose any health risks to those involved in the work.

3. Eliminates Waste

Green burials eliminate waste quite considerably because most bodies are simply wrapped/covered in shrouds which are made from biodegradable material and then the body is put to rest in the ground. Cremations also have the reputation of being an eco-friendly option but they tend to leave some carbon footprint.Green burial method typically requires far lesser resources so it makes them a better alternative to traditional methods. 

4. Biodegradable coffin and Eco-friendly coffin is used

As part of the process only biodegradable and eco-friendly coffins are used. There are green cemeteries available which only allow the use of biodegradable coffins. While some are stricter than others, some are more lenient about the burial process. But mostly, they are very particular about their standards. You are required to get green caskets because the use of traditional caskets is prohibited and they also prohibit the burial of bodies which are embalmed with toxic chemicals.

5. Green ceremonies/receptions

As part of the green burial process, the endeavour is always keep things organic and eco friendly. So, be it the choice of flowers or choosing the location of the funeral gathering, everything is kept in mind. 

6. Less Expensive

Green burial methods cost significantly less compared to the traditional methods and hence it helps save a lot of money which is otherwise spent on traditional processes such as embalming, buying vaults and coffins and others that push the overall funeral cost upwards. It is the best option to be considered by those who don't have high budget and are looking to save as much cost as possible.  With a natural burial, you often save as much as 50% of traditional burial process. Funeral process and the accompanying burial cost can typically add a lot of financial burden.

7. Home Funerals (DIY)

For those families who are interested in keeping it simple, a home funeral can also be a good option as it is a low-key way to honor a loved one. As part of the process, the non-invasive and eco-friendly methods are used to provide care for the body complements the green burial procedure. Although, this is only used as an option by those who have good knowledge of the process.

Conclusion: Now that you’ve gained some knowledge on this topic and you probably know a little bit more around why people opt for green burials, you can also make a more informed decision by doing your bit. If you are still searching for some help with regards to the process or need expert advice then feel free to get in touch with us. At CompareTheCoffin, we strive to add as much value to the lives of people as possible. We are here to clear your doubts and give you an unbiased opinion on what might be your best choice.

Category : Natural Materials | Date : 08-05-2020

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