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Where to Place Cremation Urn at Home?

Have you often wondered what can you do with ashes once they are home or where to place urn at home?. These questions arise because the surviving family members want to always feel connected and close to the deceased.

When a loved one is cremated, there are many choices that are available to the family members for honoring the life of the loved one. In order to do so, a right place must be found in your home where you can commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Cremation Urn at Home

Here are a few tips that will help you decide and plan the right spot to place the urn in your home:

Commonly Where do you place an urn?

  1. On the mantelpiece
  2. On a corner shelf
  3. A closet or drawer provided by the crematorium
  4. Inside a glass cabinet
  5. A niche – a small compartment for holding the cremated urn.

Where do you keep someone’s ashes?

  1. Opt for a room that had been regularly used by the deceased.
  2. Choose a room where your loved one spent most of their time.
  3. Select a room where your loved one had created special memories with everyone.

1.) If you are influenced by Feng Shui then depending upon the direction of your home the urn can be placed.

  1. If your home faces north, southwest or northwest, then you should place the urn in a north or south facing the room.
  2. If your home faces northeast, southeast, southwest or east then the urn should be placed northeast or northwest facing room.

2.) Once your room location has been selected, take into account the wide variety of cremation urns that would go well with the room’s decor rather than looking out of place. Ensure whichever cremation urn you choose it blends in with the room decor completely.

  • For e.g – a bamboo urn will be a great choice for a room which has an Asian or eastern decor.

Bamboo Urn Casket

  • A splendor or dream urn will enhance the room which has a classic or contemporary decor.

Dream Urn Casket

3.) Keep in mind that most urns are made of materials that are breakable. Even though you would want the urn to be visible, it is essential to choose a location where the urn cannot be knocked over.

  • Make sure the table or the selected surface is well supported so as to avoid the accidental breaking of the urn.

4.) You can also create a memorial space that combines the urn along with their pictures, jewelry, awards and other stuff that would depict the story about their loved one’s life.

  • To create a perfect ambiance for the memorial space you can use a nonflammable candle or a dimly lit light.

The right placement of the urn at home will provide comfort, closeness and a connection to your loved one that will last forever. By doing so it gives their family members a sense of reassurance that they would one day be reunited in the afterlife.

As it is said – when you find the perfect place in your home, your heart will know it and that is where the urn will reside.

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