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Sun Life Direct

Over 50 Life Insurance Cover You Can Count on

As we get older, it’s natural to worry about possibly becoming a financial burden to loved ones when we’re gone. Our simple, affordable over 50s life insurance plan could help put your mind at rest and let you get on with life. Start a Guaranteed Over 50 Plan today from just £4 a month and you can leave a cash sum that could help with funeral expenses or be left as a gift for children or grandchildren. With this over 50s life insurance Plan, the premium you pay will never change so you’ll always know exactly where you stand. It really is simple.

Read on for more information on exactly how the over 50 life insurance Plan works and see an example of how the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan compares to other providers of over 50 life insurance.

Why choose the Guaranteed Over 50 Plan for your life insurance?

A guaranteed fixed cash sum and no medical or health questions
  • The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan provides a fixed cash sum to leave as a gift for loved ones or to help towards funeral costs.
  • Provided you’re aged 50 – 85 and a UK resident, we guarantee to accept you.
  • We’ll pay out the fixed cash sum on your death as long as you’ve been paying into the Plan for at least two years.
  • If you die in the first 2 years, we’d pay back all the premiums paid, plus half as much again.
  • Because the cash sum is fixed, inflation will reduce its value over time.
Premiums from £4 a month
  • Premiums from as little as £4 a month – that’s the lowest premium available on the market for plans of this type.
Affordable premiums that never change
  • You can choose any premium from £4 to £74 a month, as long as the cash sum doesn’t exceed £20,000.
  • The premium you choose will never go up and your cover will never go down – no matter what happens to your health.
  • You simply need to keep paying in every month throughout your life, as if you stop paying, your cover will end and you won’t get anything back.
  • Depending on how long you live, the cash sum paid out could be less than the total amount paid in premiums

See an example of how Sun Life Direct compare in the market

Example based on a 65 year old female
Cash sum for £14 a month Lowest monthly premium available
£2,650 Sun Life Direct £4
£2,543 LV= £5
£2,415 Post Office £7

Cash sums shown based on a 65 year old female paying £14 a month. Figures for LV= and Post Office taken from their websites on 13/02/12 and correct at the time. Terms and conditions for each Plan will differ and the cash sum will depend on your age, sex and the premium you choose.

Most popular Plan
  • The Guaranteed Over 50 Plan is the most popular Plan of its type^, with over 787,000** customers. So you’re in safe hands. You can find out more about why our customers choose us here.
  • The first month’s premium is free.
  • You can choose a gift to welcome you into the Plan.
  • If you were to die in a travel accident, or within three months of an accident as a result of your injuries, we’d pay out three times your fixed cash sum

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