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Charles Cowling - Biography


I am Charles Cowling, author of the Good Funeral Guide and creator of the website I am an independent consumer advocate whose mission is to empower people to make informed choices when planning a funeral. As a campaigner for better funerals I like to sing the praises of those many people in the funeral industry whose work goes largely unrecognised. I expose bad practice too, of course. I am proud of my independence and my freedom to say exactly what I think, however controversial.
I have not, therefore, associated myself with CompareTheCoffin lightly, but I have been pleased to act as a consultant on the project because I have satisfied myself that, above all, it was borne out of a desire to help people and is, as it claims, ethical in its operation. CompareTheCoffin enables people to spend their money wisely, however much they want to spend. Above all, and this is a very personal response, it will be of immense help and value to those who need to arrange a funeral.
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