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Funeral Plans – Peace of Mind For You and Your Family

1. Why plan ahead?

You’ll understand how complicated arranging a funeral can be if you’ve ever had to organise one. There are some delicate matters to consider and difficult decisions to be made. These are things that you won’t want to leave for  your family to deal with, so let us help you decide now. We’ll discuss the costs, too – we want you to be reassured that everything will be covered. And if there’s anything that concerns you, or you’re not sure about, just ask us.

2. Who can apply for a plan?

 You don’t have to worry about how old you are because you can apply for a Golden Leaves Plan at any age – and there are no health or intrusive medical checks to take or questions that you’ll have to answer. You’ll be guaranteed acceptance and guaranteed the peace of mind that our plans provide. We’ll be there with you every step of the way, explaining any problems you may have and leading you through the whole process to ensure everything is clear and right just for you.

“It’s a wonderful way to put your mind at rest while you’re alive and when you’ve gone it’s a lovely way to show your family that you loved and cared about them.”

Pay Now – Save Money

1. Why pre pay?

It makes perfect sense to pay now and deal with the financial side of your funeral as it can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term. Why? Because you will pay at today’s price and not at tomorrows or next years prices. Consequently, pre paid plans have a major advantage over many other forms of providing funds for your funeral.

2. Why pre-pay and not insure?

Another of the advantages of a pre-paidfuneral plan over a traditional insurance policy or savings account is that the funeral directors are guaranteed to be covered in full and all disbursements are guaranteed to increase with the Retail Price Index (RPI). Insurance plans guaranteed to pay a fixed amount that may not cover the costs in years to come.

It’s comforting to know that whenever in the future it is needed, the cost of the funeral directors fees will be met and won’t be a financial burden for your relatives, no matter how long you live.

Secure Finance

Funeral costs have risen dramatically in recent years and are still on the rise. According to a 2009 survey, cremation costs have risen more than 40% in five years.*

When you put your money in a Building Society or take out an insurance policy there are no guarantees at all that your investment will increase in line with the potential rise in the cost of your funeral. You can avoid these spiralling increases by purchasing a Golden Leaves Funeral Plan now. There are a variety of flexible payment options to suit you, just talk to us and we can help you secure the funeral you want and ensure that it will be paid for in the future.

Our Guarantee

When you buy one of our pre-paid plans we’ll guarantee that your money will be safe. All Golden Leaves Funeral Plan funds are held in the Golden Leaves Trust. The Golden Leaves Trust manages the funds to achieve stable long-term growth. The fund is overseen independently by a board of trustees and regulated in compliance with the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) order 2001. The fund is annually independently audited and subject to strict actuarial reporting, it is solid, stable and above all – completely secure “Thousands of people have planned their own funerals and paid for them, now, at today’s prices – beating the rising costs of funerals in the UK.”

Financial protection

In 2004, the average cost of a funeral was around £1,920. A recent Mintel survey has shown that the average cost of a funeral in the UK is now £3,284*, an increase of 71% in 8 years.

In 2000, if you had put £1,215 (then the average cost of a funeral) into a building society, you would have seen it grow to £1,438.57** over the next 12 years. However, with the average cost of a funeral now £3,284, your family would have to find an additional £1,845.43, a shortfall that may be difficult to meet.

Mintel September 2012

Survey Of Funeral Costs In Britain 2000 commissioned by The Oddfellows.

Building Societies Association, average savings rates Jan 2000 – Jul 2012.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide for the future. “Some things are certain, so it makes sense to plan ahead now.”

Take a thoughtful and responsible approach

To help make things easier we have created three individual plans. They are a popular and cost-effective means of preplanning all the key details of your funeral. When the time comes your family will be spared the additional problems and decisions, and they’ll know that you cared.

There’s the straightforward approach or you may consider an all inclusive premium package – or you might like to discuss something more personal to you.

1. Tailor-made package

If you’re not sure that a traditional approach is right for you then you don’t need to worry. We can help you create your own tailor-made day so your family and friends remember you as you want to be remembered. You may want to be laid to rest at sea, have a woodland burial or have your ashes scattered at a favourite venue. You may just want a few additional personal touches reflecting your character and personality – the little things that they’ll all associate with you.If you would like special vehicles, horse drawn hearse or live music, tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll help to tailor a plan just for you.

At Golden Leaves we have planned funerals for many religions and ethnic groups and have an in-depth understanding of the rituals, rites, procedures and specific personnel that may be required. Whatever you need, just let us know.

2. A beautiful green funeral service…

Golden Leaves is the only pre-paid planning company in the UK to offer the ultimate green funeral plan. So if you would prefer a beautiful green funeral service in line with your environmental and ecological ethics and be laid to rest amongst the flowers in a woodland setting… go to: “By buying a plan I know that all the arrangements are made and paid for. Now I can get on with my life”

Our Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

Once you’ve decided on your plan, just talk to us about how you would like to pay. We can arrange either a one-off payment or monthly instalments over a period to suit you – whatever you’re most comfortable with. Contact us if you would like a more detailed chat about all your options. Any sum paid towards the disbursements are guaranteed to be met in line with any increase in RPI (Retail Price Index) but may require additional payment from estate/executors if this has been exceeded at the time of the funeral.


# Choose from the following plans Simple Standard Premium
1 Funeral Director’s professional services # # #
2 Advice on funeral registration, documentation and certification # # #
3 Removal from place of death to Funeral Director’s premises within      
4 25 miles in normal working hours # 24h 24h
5 Care of deceased prior to funeral # # #
6 Chapel of Rest available for family and friends to visit   # #
7 Basic coffin   #  
8 Standard coffin   #  
9 High quality coffin     #
10 Attendance of conductor and four pallbearers on day of funeral # # #
11 Provision of hearse for service at Crematorium / Cemetery # # #
12 Provision of one limousine   #  
13 Provision of two limousines     #
14 Full listing of floral tributes   # #
15 Thank you cards     #
16 Bereavement counselling (where available) # # #
17 Disbursements # # #

Contribution towards Ministers & Doctors fees, Crematorium or Cemetery fees.* Local Church fees are available at extra cost. Cost of the Funeral Director’s services are guaranteed to be met in full.

“There’s no age limit to securing a pre-paid plan and there are no medical tests, questionnaires or declarations of good health – nothing to worry about at all, I found it all so easy.”

 Put Your Trust in Us

You’ll want to feel confident when choosing Golden Leaves. Well don’t worry – you’ll be in safe and experienced hands. As of 1st January 2002 funeral planning became a regulated activity.

Golden Leaves is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) which monitors the marketing, financial and service provisions of the plan providers it regulates. Golden Leaves Limited has been at the forefront of Pre-paid Funeral Planning since 1984 when such plans first became available in the UK. Golden Leaves is a founder member of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans.

All Funeral Directors that we appoint to provide services for a Golden Leaves Plan have first to satisfy a number of stringent requirements. They have to demonstrate outstanding service records in their local community and must be affiliated to relevant accredited professional associations such as The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and/or The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

We want you to be assured that with Golden Leaves your arrangements are in the safest possible hands. Complete the Application Form – follow the simple instructions on the form.

Your Questions Answered

1. Why should I pay now – it’ll be years before I need a funeral?

We’ll all need a funeral one day and it’s costing more every year, so it makes sense to plan your funeral while you can and fix the cost by paying for it now.

2. What happens if I die before I finish paying all my instalments?

Don’t worry – your funeral will be arranged in accordance with your Plan. Payment you have made will be contributed towards the cost of the funeral and any balance will be paid by your executors or from your estate.

3. I’m often away visiting family or on holiday – what happens then?

If you’re in the UK all is fine, but if you’re going overseas we recommend that you make sure you have travel insurance that includes full repatriation cover.

4. I think I’d like to sort something out for my husband. Can I?

Yes, you can take out a plan for anyone else. All correspondence will be sent directly to the person arranging the plan and confidentiality is assured.

5. Can I have my own Funeral Director?

Yes you can as long as they have agreement in place with us, and they meet our stringent service standards. Alternatively, we can recommend and appoint one on your behalf if you would prefer.

6. We’re thinking about living abroad – can we still arrange a plan that works out there?

Yes you can. If you live overseas then we have a plan specifically for you. Our plans have dual country cover, providing for a funeral in the country of residence or the UK. So even if you decide to move back to the UK you will still be covered.

7. Am I guaranteed to be accepted?

Yes you are. With a Golden Leaves Plan there’s no age limit and no medical tests or good health declarations, unlike some other insurance-based plans.

8. Are there any extra costs?

The services of the Funeral Director are guaranteed to be covered – in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Certain disbursements may require a further payment at the time of the funeral, but we will guarantee any increase to these costs in line with Retail Price Index (RPI).

9.How do I know the money will be there when it’s needed?

The money you’ve paid for your funeral is held securely in an independently managed Trust. Merrill Lynch and Quilters are currently tasked to manage the long-term growth of the fund, specifically to meet the increasing cost of funeral services.

How to Apply – It’s Easy, Just Three Simple Steps

1. Step One

Complete the Application Form – follow the simple instructions on the form.

2. Step Two

Complete the Payment Form indicating your payment method – cash, cheque, credit card or instalment option. Cheques should be made payable to Golden Leaves Trust.

3. Step Three

Return both completed forms along with your payment method in the Freepost envelope provided. If you need any help with the forms, or assistance in choosing a Plan that suits you, just let us know with any questions.

 Payment Options

1. There are two simple payment options available to Planholders:

  • Lump Sum Payment. The whole sum is paid within 30 days of application.
  • Instalment Option. You pay a monthly fee over a one to five year period (or longer if required). See ‘Detail & Costs’ form for payment schedules.

2. When your application has been processed and your chosen payment method confirmed Golden Leaves will:

  • Check all the details of your application to ensure that it is complete
  • Contact you if further information is required
  • Issue your Plan documentation
  • Despatch receipt of payment
  • Send an Emergency Card for you to carry with you at all times
  • Provide you with copies of your Plan for you to distribute as you wish   

“It’s a sensible thing to do, and so easy. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Why Choose Compare The Coffin?

Compare the Coffin

If you are unable to find the right kind of Funeral Plans – Peace of mind for you and your family then you may ask to Compare the Coffin to help you out funeral planning services.This company of Steven makes sure to help out people in their time of loss to arrange funeral related arrangements in a peaceful and hassle-free manner. They have a selection of urns and caskets, all at reasonable costs. One can surely find one that suits their budget limits for the funeral and cremation service of their departed family member.