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Funeral Plans

Things to think about when comparing Funeral Plans


Not all pre-paid funeral plan providers are members of the registered trade group – The Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). If you wish to purchase a funeral plan from a provider not registered, then it may be wise to check out their terms and conditions and financial status. Always be wary of companies that do not want to be open and transparent. Plan Providers who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority adhere to a strict code of practise. This gives greater protection financial security for your funds and the funeral plan arrangements. They are the regulatory body that ensures all funds are safeguarded and the highest standards of conduct are followed


Not all independent funeral directors use all pre-paid plan providers, some funeral directors may have an agreement with one or more Plan Providers and may not be able to accept plans from some plan providers. You may wish to consider whether you want a funeral plan product that can be easily transferred to another funeral director. Always check the terms and conditions of the plan provider, as there may be cancellation fees or other charge.


Age UK who are the combined charity organisation of Age Concern and Help The Aged sell funeral plans from only one provider. The disadvantage of this is that if you move to an area of the country where that the funeral group does not have a branch you may have to cancel your plan. You also may wish to ensure that the terms and conditions and contract with them is to your satisfaction.


Can I pick the funeral director of my choice? Yes, you can nominate your own funeral director to provide the services specified in your funeral plan, although you should bear in mind that plans are often conventional arrangements, priced using national averages and not all funeral directors charge the same prices, (meaning there may be more to pay for a specific funeral directors’ to provide the same), or they might not want to take it all. A good funeral plan provider will offer alternatives who are part of their preferred service providers, usually linked with Industry recognised trade associations.


What happens if I move address? A good plan provider will be able to nominate a new funeral director in your new location or will approach and negotiate services with your own preferred funeral director. Please bear in mind that funeral plan providers use national averages for the cost of a funeral plan and you may be faced with additional costs if your preferred funeral directors fees are higher.


Is my money safe? Plan providers who are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) are required to keep the funeral plan funds separately to their other operations, such as in a trust fund or to use the money to purchase a whole of life insurance policy on the life of the life of the plan holder. Always use Funeral Planning Authority registered Funeral Plan Provider for peace of mind.


What happens if the plan provider or the funeral director goes out of business? If a registered plan provider goes out of business the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) will step in to manage the allocation of the funerals amounts other Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) regulated companies. The Trust Fund – as a separate legal entity would remain in control of the funds.

If a funeral director ceases trading, the Plan provider will allocate your plan to another funeral director, in both circumstances the funds are safe in the trust and you will always be guaranteed that a reputable funeral director within your area will carry out your wishes as per your original funeral plan.


How much Interest is charged if I pay via instalments? The interest charged varies between plan providers. For instance, one provider charges 6 % on a funeral plan paid via instalments, and also offers the first 12 months interest free. You should check the plan providers terms and conditions.


Can I cancel my Plan? Yes, Registered Plan Providers will show their cancellation policy in their terms and conditions. There is a ‘cooling off’ period during which the plan holder can cancel the contract with the plan provider and claim back all of the money paid into the plan. After this period of time, the plan provider may charge a cancellation fee. You should check the Plan Providers terms and conditions for their policy on this matter.


This being Compare the can I have a coffin of my choice and can my funeral plan come with or without a coffin? Yes, you can, funeral plans are created as a bundle using the national averages, so an assumed or estimated amount of money will be deducted from the funeral plan, if you choose to supply your own coffin.

Some pre paid funeral plan providers advertise their funeral plan costs without what they call ‘disbursements’. These are fees the Doctor, Minister and Crematorium, if burial and a church service is required then these contributions are transferred, If you are considering a pre paid funeral plan then you should compare funeral plans closely and always including the ‘disbursements’ if you can afford to. Most Funeral plan providers include a contribution in the funeral plan costs for disbursements.

You should always compare pre paid funeral plan prices as the funeral plan providers supply very similar funeral plans. If you have any questions regarding anything to do with funeral plan providers or pre paid funeral plans then please do not hesitate to contact us for free straight forward advice and information.

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