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10 Ways to Personalize a Funeral

Personalising a funeral is the best way to pay tribute to the departed soul and to bring friends and family together, not just to mourn the person, but to appreciate the beautiful soul. Don’t worry, we are here to help you get some ideas because we understand that thoughts don’t come by that easily. At this difficult time, you need someone to share some ideas. Organising funerals and personalising a funeral requires some inputs. You can incorporate remembrances of interests, likings, hobbies, and passion of the person. It allows everyone to reflect on their loved one. It is also the last chance to say goodbye and pay respect to the lost soul.

Here are 10 ways to personalise a funeral:

1. Favourite Flower:

You can use their favourite flowers as part of the ceremony. After all, flowers are also known for their healing properties. The beautiful fragrance of flowers can take care of everything. It can give some much-needed mood uplift to all the relatives and friends. You never know it can give some hope and strength to all the grieving people who were close to the departed soul. 

Favourite Flower in funeral

2. Involvement of Loved Ones:

Invite all the loved ones together to pay tribute. Calling all those people together who were close to the deceased. There is no better personalisation than bringing family and friends to one place to honour their loved one. They can read a eulogy as part of the tribute to the deceased.

3. Favourite Food:

It is one last opportunity to remember the loved one by serving their favourite food to all the people. You can further personalise it by adding their favourite sweets or drinks. You can also use any of their recipes as a gift to others.

Favourite Food in Funeral

4. Music:

Music is known for infinite memories associated with the moments. Music washes away the dust. It takes us to a different place and hence can be one of the finest ways to remember the loved one. Music can heal all wounds in the soul. You can personalize the funeral by choosing the favourite songs of the loved one.

5. Personalized Casket or Urn:

Choose a personalised casket for the loved one. You can get it custom manufactured, and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive caskets to buy. You can stay within your budget and yet fulfil it by creating a unique design or shape. It may bring a slight cheer to those around by connecting with their memories.

6. Photo Display:

You can include a photo display of your loved one’s likings and hobbies. Look for things that made their life very special. Through pictures or videos, you can create a display of pictures or videos that show their favorite moments. It can be anything like running, playing or singing or anything.

7. Release Balloons or Plant a Tree:

Once you have all the members together, you can organise something creative to memorize the loved one. Ask the audience to take part in a ceremonial release of balloons (maybe with their pictures on it). This can be a good way to honor the memories of your loved one. You can choose other activities like planting a tree or freeing the birds or anything that your loved one is deeply connected to.


8. Memorial Gifts:

You can personalise the funeral with a memorial gift. This way others can remember their loved ones by associating with the memories. It can be anything that they loved, such as reading, gardening, or anything. 

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9. Choose Their Favourite Location:

Organise the funeral service at a location that is very close to their heart. It can be their favourite park or tree or anything.

10. Ask Everyone to Share the Memories:

It is a good way to remember the lost soul. You can ask some members to share their favourite memories. You can ask them to tell a story or write a short message on a piece of paper, which is convenient. Family and friends can assemble after the service to console and comfort each other and share the memories.

Final Word:

We hope you found something helpful here. There are so many ways to personalise a funeral. You can follow some of these tips to pay your tribute and respect to the loved one.

If you are looking for more information or have questions, then get in touch with us. We at www.comparethecoffin.com offer all types of funeral arrangements at your doorstep. Get in touch with us for an end to end funeral solution.