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Why families choose American Caskets for their loved ones?

People love them

There are several reasons why families choose American Caskets for their loved ones. A lot of the reason cultural and ‘what’s expected’ from a particular community 

In the UK, but specifically, England, and Ireland. 

We are going to look at cultural groups are Afro Caribbean, and the Traveller community. Similarly in both these communities Funerals and Funeral preparation are usually a large social gathering, were often distant families and friends come together for a social occasion.

The American casket coffins are usually more elaborate and a lot more work goes into making them than a tradition British Box lid coffin. These are used to show status and also importance of the person involved. 

These caskets come beautifully finished and lined, with a comfortable mattress. Most of the units we sell come complete with an adjustable mattress that allows you to raise the person proud in the casket. This is used where the there is an open casket at the funeral and so the person can be seen. 

These caskets are heavy and need at least 6 people to carry them. We are looking at between 60 and 80 kilos and that’s before you have person inside it.

Along with the mattress the side bolsters inside the casket are adjustable to make sure the person properly secure. American caskets are usually only in one large size and therefore the internal parts need to move suit the individual person.  

American caskets come in various hard and semi–hard woods including Oak, Mahogany, and Poplar, and also in Steel metal. 

In the UK not all cemeteries will accept a metal coffin so it’s always good to confirm directly with the cemetery what their rules.

These caskets are going to win awards for environmental standards but if that is important we suggest you look at our Natural Materials, Cardboard and Bio-degradable options. 

We guarantee to be the cheapest supplier of quality, made in USA (or Canada) Casket coffins

When you search online you find other coffin and casket wholesalers, like Atkinson’s, London Caskets and Legacy Tribune, but these wholesaler will only sell to the trade and your local funeral directors in particular.

We have been in business for about 4 years and grown to be one of the largest ‘direct to the public’ suppliers of American caskets. 

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