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We were completely new to funerals, undertakers or coffins. But after a terrible experience with a funeral director we started to look at the mechanics of arranging a funeral and component parts.

We ended up with 3 key questions;

What parts of a funeral can you do yourselves?

How do you go about comparing, choosing and getting good value from a funeral director?

Coffins seem quite expensive??


What to call it ?

At first we were calling the project Internet Funeral Planning System but that’s a bit of a mouthful. Then when I was on the bicycle it hit !! Does what it says on the tin.

We have been going a few years now and we are into the thousands of coffins, caskets and cremation urns in and these are some of the things we’ve learnt.

First although it is possible to do everything online, by far the majority of people call. This is absolutely fine and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to speak to someone to get the help and advice you need. 

This gives us the chance to establish where you are in the funeral process. Has someone just died, are you preparing for someone who may die some and lastly we have a lot people who enquiring about funeral arrangements for themselves. Note this is not weird or uncomfortable, but people being proactive and ensuring they get what they want at the best value. 

Some of requests for coffin and funeral arrangements have certainly surprised us, but I suppose it shows how different we all are. Every request is taken seriously to see if we can do it. I can only think of one occasion where we had to say no – but there was very good reason for that!!

Take control! puts the consumer in control of the whole process. Once you’ve chosen the coffin or casket then we can either help you get the best value price from a local funeral director. 

Are you doing / or want to do the funeral yourselves? DIY Funeral?  

Alternatively if you are up to it we can provide all the information you will need to DIY. Funerals are a very simple process to arrange and few guiding steps there is now reason why you shouldn’t able to handle most situations yourselves.
Joint the thousands of people have used to save money and get the funeral they want at the best possible value. 

Why Choose Compare The Coffin?

Handpicked Selection of Coffins available at affordable price

If you are unable to find the right kind of Funeral Ceremonies then you may ask to Compare the Coffin to help you out funeral planning services. This company of Steven makes sure to help out people in their time of loss to arrange funeral related arrangements in a peaceful and hassle-free manner.

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