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Planning Funerals Before Dying

This week started flat out, Monday the phone did not stop ringing. Crazy busy. Everybody ordered cardboard coffins exclusively. The rest of the week patterned ok but checking the analytics we had about 400-500 people on the website in one day ? 

This week a new television programme focusing Death and the business of Funerals, airs on the BBC. It’s presented Miriam Margoles who is well known actress an was even in the Harry Potter films. 

(I don’t actually know for sure I’m not in to fantasy or dragons or any stuff like that, but I think that’s right)

In it she explores different methods of funerals and coffins. Apparently, she has already bought and designed her own coffin with the help of our friends at Coffin Club.

You can see the programme from this link I you’re in the UK. It may be available in other places shortly.  

Is this a trend?  People starting to think of their own funerals and what they would want to see (although unlikely to actually see themselves!). From this I feel the key message is to take control, and I’m not talking about BREXIT.  

One of the ways the funeral industry works so well is that individuals and their relatives and friends (those who are left to arrange the funeral) are not prepared or know what they actually want from the funeral event; 

Is this a time to celebrate the life of the deceased person, 

If the person was sick and in pain is the death a release from suffering

Or as one well known individual put it to me, not everybody who dies was loved, and we should presume to know who people feel. 

Could be a combination of all three.

Using our unique free planning system you can start to think about the funeral you’d like. Create a plan, change it as many times as you like. Print and share your plan by email if you want to. But most importantly make sure you let others know you’ve done it!

Take control and plan. 


Category : Cardboard | Date : 26-04-2019

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