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Independent Financial Advice

The future is never certain. What changes and surprises are around the corner can never be predicted - but they can be planned for. Financial planning can be seen as a chore, or something to be put off. For many it can seem baffling with countless products available and all too often financial advisers appear to misunderstand individuals needs.

But providing for your dependants in the event of death, protecting your earnings and lifestyle following a serious illness or disability, looking towards your retirement provisions, planning for school or university fees or that long-awaited cruise - these things do not take care of themselves. They are all areas where people need help and a good relationship with a qualifed independent financial adviser who cares about you and understands your personal needs is an invaluable asset.

Hightree Financial Services Ltd are a company with expertise and a human face. Their aim is to build long term relationships with clients as the plans you make now may well need to alter in the future to meet any change in your circumstances.

One of Hightree's financial advisers, Anthony Posner DipFA who has over 20 years of experience, is writing a blog for us on various financial topics. Please feel free to visit this on a regular basis. Alternatively you can contact him in the first instance and he will be pleased to make arrangements for an expert financial planning consultation wherever you may be located.



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