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How Is It Helpful to Hire a Professional Funeral Photographer

Nowadays people are interested in having professional photographers at their family member’s funeral service. Funeral photography services are growing day by day, as this documents the deceased’s family and friends coming together and celebrating their life.   

How Is It Helpful to Hire a Professional Funeral Photographer

No matter what the funeral photography cost is, having physical photos from the funeral service is a way to help with the healing process. This basically creates a memorial photo album or a scrapbook, helping in documenting family history for future generations to come.


For finding a freelancing professional photographer, there are many websites which are specifically designed for this purpose. There are many sites which let one post a job for free and provide them with several matches which are based on their job description. Such as Freelancer, Upwork and Guru. 


One can ask around in their community, or at local colleges, ask at the chosen funeral home if they are partnering with anyone or do they have any recommendations or not. They might know a few local photographers who are specialized in funeral photography or have some background or knowledge about it. If one is short on time then they can even reach out to some local photographers. 

One’s photographer doesn’t need to be necessarily a funeral photographer, many are equipped with the skills to take pictures in emotional situations, like a wedding. So all one has to make sure is that they are comfortable with funeral photography. 


It is all about showing some respect for the family members of the deceased and not doing anything which can pile on the pain to what they are already facing.

If there is no professional who is taking photos, then use extreme discretion while one is doing that. Some avoid taking pictures at the service hall as it might seem crass and disrespectful, but there are some instances where taking pictures can be approved. 

If one is arranging the funeral then one must make sure they have pictures for their memory book. So if one can afford, then one might consider a professional to cover it.

Here are a few tips;

1.    At a funeral never take pictures of anyone without their permission. 

2.    Do not use flash when one is given permission to click pictures are anytime at the funeral, as the bright light might distract a somber moment.

3.    Be inconspicuous

4.    Taking smiling selfie beside a casket should never be allowed

5.    Wait till the service is over and then click a picture with someone else whom one really wants to click the picture with. Best to wait outside.

6.    Do not post pictures of the deceased on any social media, as such things are disrespectful


•    They follow a strict code of ethics

•    They perfectly know when the right time to click pictures is

•    They do not allow others to click as well, some listen, some don’t. But it also decreases the chance of someone posting pictures of the deceased on the social media

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