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Expressing Condolences, the Right Way

A demise of any family member or closed ones can be a big hit in anyone’s life. Few words can explain how deep the hurt is and how significant the loss can be. Finding the right words of sympathy during these hard and sorrowful times can be difficult, especially if you have not faced anything like this before.

How to find the right words of sympathy is not just something that you can be casual about. When you visit members of the family of the demised, whether they are your close friends, family or relatives, words can play a big part in making them feel better. In order to understand this, you must know the dos and don’ts of what to say and what not to say.

Expressing Condolences

The Dos –

Doing things, the right way, especially speaking the most comforting and soothing words can make a big difference in someone’s life that is going through such a situation. Speaking words of condolence such as:

- “Sorry for your loss” shows that you care and is the most formal way of expressing your sympathy. It is appropriate especially for someone you have not known for long.
- “This must be so hard on you” expresses the emotion of your acknowledgment. That you understand and sympathize with their situation.
- Being comforting and saying things like ‘you shall be in my thoughts’, ‘he/she was a kind soul’, are a few other ways to make yourself emotionally available for the bereaved family.

The Don’ts – 

In a situation where the deceased’s family is in a sensitive and over-emotional state, one might make the mistake of saying things in a wrong way in lack of finding the right words to express sympathy. To help you avoid this we let you in on some don’ts like:

- Denying the person’s death or trying to make someone smile during tough times or giving therapeutic advice is unacceptable.

- Asking how they are doing at a time like this, comparing your situation with the family of the deceased, asking them to move on are things that are way too soon to say.

- Bringing gifts that the deceased liked or a reminder of them is a complete negative.

How do you express condolences? (Through Kinds)

Sometimes words may not be the only way of bringing joy. The few other ways one can console a bereaved family is through:

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