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Desirable Attire for All To A Funeral Service

A funeral service is a very special time for people who are attending such occasion. A funeral is a respecting tradition and it is always better to go conservative on such occasions. There are certain reasons which need to be considered to have a good dress which suits the ethics of funeral service. 

What is acceptable to wear to a funeral and how to choose it?

What is acceptable to wear to a funeral and how to choose it? 

Though it is not mandatory to adhere to some specific dress code on a funeral occasion, wearing something that is a little more conservative is always better. After all, a funeral is a time when you will show respect and honor the life of the person who has passed away.

This will mean that you should try to avoid wearing bright colours or glittery fabrics or flashy prints. The choice of dress may be guided by the culture of the deceased or the location or by the climate. Try to avoid going to a funeral underdressed as you may find yourself awkward among other formally dressed people. 

What is the best colour to wear to a funeral and why should you wear it?

In a formal and traditional type of funeral service, you are expected to wear black. Avoid wearing vibrant and bright colour which you may better save for wearing in an evening party or for going to a Golf course.

What to wear to a funeral not black: Alternatives available 

In most funerals, it is better to wear clothes having darker colours and these colours may be chosen from black, grey or dark blue clothing.

What to Wear to a Funeral Occasion Which Will Be Appropriate? 

Appropriate attire for men attending a funeral has always been black, dark blue or grey colour suit along with a collared shirt and tie. Though some little deviation from the traditional dress code is possible, it is very important to use subdued colours. There are comprehensive guidelines for dress codes both for men and for women which should be adhered to while attending a funeral.

A) Dress code tips for men:

B) Dress code tips for Women:

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