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Decorated Wood Coffins
Printed Pictorial Coffins

Coffin - Printed Pictorial


These coffins are made using MDF, with a smooth finish which enables them to be digital printed. They are traditional coffin shaped (sarcophagus) i.e. narrower at the head and toes than at the shoulders
If you don’t find something on our catalogue that you like, please contact us and we can make a design specific to you.

All the wood used is Forest Stewardship Council certified.
They are approximately 80-85% wood and 10% Glue and rest moisture. A high proportion of the wood is from recycled wood. It’s pressed together with heat and glue a then a usable board is made, which is used to make our coffins.

The coffins are finished with a water based lacquer not solvent based. When it’s dry it’s completely biodegradabl.
No other toxins are contained within the board therefore these coffins are suitable for burial or cremation.

When the coffin is cremated, as it’s mostly wood as the coffin burns it aids the process of cremation without any harmful emissions.
The amount of CO2 released from the coffin during cremation is offset by the CO2 taken up during the life as a tree, and can be considered carbon neutral.

If you’re planning on a woodland burial please let us know, so we can use a suitable calico liner which will comply with regulations and be completely biodegradable.

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