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Cremation Process: The Complete Guide 2021

Having a better understanding of the cremation process allows families to make more informed decisions following the loss of a loved one. Today we will walk you through the basics of the cremation process. Starting with, what is cremation?

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a series of steps taken to turn the remains of a person into ashes upon their death. This process takes place in a furnace called a cremation chamber or retort. It holds the deceased person, and their body is exposed to intense heat for over two hours. The place where this all happens is called the crematorium. Cremation brings the body to its basic elements by exposing it to open flames and intense heat. 

How does Cremation work?

People often find the cremation process frightening, and hence they usually don’t spend time to learn more about it. But only by looking at it closely will it reveal to you how the body of your loved one is respectfully treated and taken care of through a series of steps.

The cremation chamber is preheated to a particular temperature and then the body of the deceased is added. Throughout the cremation process, a number of flames get generated by using propane, natural gas, or oil which helps vaporize the body’s soft tissue and properly calcifying the bones so it could turn into ash.

At the end of the process, dedicated attendants will pulverize the remaining bone fragments (if any) into ash. Then they use a strong magnet to remove any type of residual metal scraps such as dental work or artificial limbs. Usually, this process of cremation takes somewhere between two to three hours.

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Before cremation?

First, the dead body is embalmed, then put in a Funeral basket coffin before being transported to the nearby crematorium.

How long does it take to cremate a body?

It normally takes an average of two hours for the complete cremation process, or in some cases, until the body is reduced to ashes. Post that, the cooling process can last up to thirty minutes to an hour.

The ashes

Once it is all done, the ashes are carefully examined, and if any type of metal is there, it is removed, for example, pins or screws from surgical procedures. This step is done manually with the help of a magnet, as we previously discussed. Then the bone fragments are placed in a grinder known as a cremulator. This equipment not only pulverizes the cremated remains into a sand-like composition but also filters the ashes nicely.

Eventually, the ashes are put in a temporary container called Cremation urns for the ashes box. It is then handed over to the family members or close relatives.

Types of Cremation?

There are basically three types of cremation and they are as follows:

Standard Funeral Service: It is the traditional funeral process where there is usually time given for public viewing and to perform the funeral service, typically within a few days of the death. It is then followed by proper cremation rather than burial in a casket.

Memorial Service: It is a type of funeral service that takes place without the body of the deceased present. This happens generally a day or two following the death of the person and in some cases, a few weeks or months after the death. An urn containing the ashes is present at the service which is held at a funeral home or a church or at any place that has relevance like a park.

Direct Cremation: This is one of the most basic types of cremation service. It is also called simple cremation or traditional cremation. The body of the deceased is cremated, and the remains are returned to the family member.

Cremation is one of the greenest and safest forms of disposing of the body of a person upon their death. Many people are often surprised at the number of ashes they receive as it varies depending upon the age of the person. It can usually range from two to five pounds.

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