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Buried with Your Neighbours

I live in London, London is one of the planet’s most multicultural cities.

A third of all Londoners were not born in the UK 

We at supply coffin and caskets to people of all denominations and none. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Jain, Catholic, Pentecostal and many others. All of which have slightly different traditions when it comes to funerals 

We recently shipped a casket for a lady. She was going to be buried in the Muslim section of the cemetery and they had quite specific size requirements. Basically if the coffin has external dimensions above a certain point there is an addition cost issued for the grave digging.

The son of the lady, who was making all the arrangements said something really interesting. He said he didn’t understand why his mother didn’t want to be buried with her neighbours. Why in death did she wish to be separated? 

I started to think about this a lot more, we are happy (at least the sensible amongst us) to have neighbours of different colours, creeds, religions and none. So why in death are separated into different areas. 

One thought I had is when someone is ill or close to dying, some people want to reconnect to their background, a sort spiritual hedging for the afterlife. While I think this may be true it still doesn’t explain why people want to be buried separate areas depending on their background.
Why are there separate areas when we are all community?? 

In cremation thing are little more even. Each individual is cremated and their ashes are either collected, scattered, buried or interned. 

Maybe as ash the difference between people is lost, as everyone is really the same afterwards.

The more I think about it, Cremation maybe a more equal egalitarian way – ashes-to-ashes, Dust-to-dust etc.

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