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Ash Scattering Rockets
Ashes Scattering Rocket - 2500 Feet - DIY
Ashes Scattering Rocket - 2500 Feet - DIY
£ 150
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If you want ashes scattered from a half mile high, this set is the one to choose.  It comes complete with all the motors and ground support equipment to achieve flights of up to a half mile high.This DIY set includes Express kitCA Gel glue Porta Pad II Launch Pad Electron Beam Launch Controller Batteries Nomex ejection waddingMotors (for each stage) 

If you want ashes scattered from a half mile high, this set is the one to choose.  It comes complete with all the motors and ground support equipment to achieve flights of up to a half mile high.

This DIY set includes 

Express kit

CA Gel glue 

Porta Pad II Launch Pad 

Electron Beam Launch Controller 


Nomex ejection wadding

Motors (for each stage)


The first stage is powered by an Estes D12-0 motor producing 17Ns total impluse and then the second stage takes over  with a D12-7, also rated at 17Ns to apogee.

This is a VERY high flying rocket (800 meters!) with spectacular performance so be sure that the conditions are perfect, the flying field is large and your recovery teams are standing by with binoculars!  You wouldn't want to lose either stage, especially the returning upper stage if you want to retain it as a keepsake.

The ground support equipment consists of a Porta Pad II launch pad, launch controller, Maxi Rod, Nomex recovery wadding and batteries.

The rocket flies high because of lightweight construction and simple two stage design.  Sadly, the usual virtually single use Estes recovery system is not always the most durable.

We heartily recommend an optional Recovery Upgrade Kit A so that you have an excellent chance of getting this rocket back.  A streamer can be substituted at no extra charge for the parachute and, with the altitudes this vehicle achieves, that is a strong recommendation.

This is a DIY package that requires assembly and painting.  Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately.  Estes model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. Full instructions are included along with tips to prepare the rocket for it's ash scattering mission.  Performance may vary according to the build quality and launch conditions.  Launches must be conducted in accordance with the Safety Code (included) and in areas where safe launch and recovery are assured.

£10m third party liability insurance is available through the Model Rocket Shop's Blast Off Club.  Launches must be conducted in accordance with the Safety Code (a copy is included) and in areas where safe launch and recovery are assured.

Vital Statistics

Length: 720mm

Diameter: 34mm

Fins: balsa

Glue: Gorilla CA Gel or Gorilla Aliphatic resin

Recovery: Booster - tumble, Sustainer - parachute

Recovery Upgrade: Kit A (streamer optional)

Recommended Motors:  Booster - D12-0

Sustainer -  D12-7

Price Includes VAT and Delivery Via Courier and Includes ALL Launch equipment and Motors required to fly


Funeral Rocket Services - The sky's the limit

Whether your loved one was a Star Trek fan, science fiction buff or just always wanted a ride in a rocket, we can help.

With modern technology, launching ashes by rocket is within the reach of everyone's budget. Ashes are dispersed over a wide area with the prevailing winds from a great height. The payload, carefully wrapped in a silk carrier can be just a few grams or the entire contents of the urn. Dispersal a mile high or higher is no problem, depending on launch site. Launches can be held in the day or at night.

Gene Roddenberry, creater of Star Trek, was one of the first people to have their ashes carried into space. A portion James Doohan's ashes, who played Scotty in many Star Trek episodes, have also left Earth.

NASA's launched samples of ashes to the moon and even on a mission past the planet Pluto. Clyde Tombaugh ashes, the astronomer discoverer of Pluto, were on that spacecraft. He will be the first person to escape the solar system and travel among the stars. Several of the early US astronauts have had space burials.

Scattering ashes by model rocket within the earth's atmosphere is more personal and local, not to mention less dear than a trip to orbit or beyond. It is legal to disperse ashes anywhere in the United Kingdom but rocket launches are restricted in some areas such as near airports or cities.

Depending on the mission desired, all or a portion of the cremains can be lofted as a payload to the height desired and over the location requested whenever possible. A memorial ceremony can be held before launch and the launch button can be pressed by an appropriate person.A keepsake video of the launch can be made. The carrier vehicle can be recovered as a memento or destroyed.

Depending on particulars, dispersing a small sample of ashes can cost as little as several hundred pounds using a Loadstar II rocket at a venue in the South East. Larger payloads carried by our Spitfire rocket, higher altitudes, other locations and special requests add to the expense.

As a guide to the services available, a small quantity of ashes can be lofted for £300 at an agreed place and time from a site within the M25. For ejection a half mile in the air, the service is available from £400 while a mile high flight will cost from £500. If you want your memorial flight to rival Concorde for speed, the service starts at £900.

Model rocketry as been a pastime for many hobbyists and professional organisations in the UK since the mid 1980s. Smaller rockets are powered by black powder motors while larger models use the same fuel as the Space Shuttle's solid rocket boosters. Model rockets are distinguished from fireworks as the model returns to earth gently for recovery. They travel at hundreds of miles per hour and can even break the speed of sound.

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