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About Us

When Steven Mitchell realised how little information there is out there to help people who need to arrange a funeral he decided to do something about it.

Steven could be you. He has no experience of arranging a funeral. Most of us only arrange two in a lifetime; it's not something we ever get good at. And yet this is a business transaction just like any other. We need to look out for ourselves.

Like you, Steven goes on the internet to shop around before he buys. He doesn't like being dependent on the well-meaning recommendations of other people; he needs to be in charge. He looks for exactly what you look for: the best personal service at the best possible price.  
So he decided to make buying a funeral as easy as buying anything else for everybody, whatever their budget.

That's how the idea of Compare the Coffin was born. Steven Mitchell shared his idea with Akmal Saleem, his web wizard, and Charles Cowling, a consumer advocate, and the three of them set to work to create a consumer resource which is independent, ethical and transparent, one which offers you choice, value and convenience -- a calm place where you can come to terms with arranging a funeral and find the funeral director who offers the best value and the best personal service in your area.  

Why the name, you ask. Well, it's deliberately not sombre. It's emotionally neutral; we don’t presume to address how you feel. And it's descriptive. Compare The Coffin is a service comparison website.

The funeral director you are looking for is a person with whom you can form a relationship of trust. We'll help you do that. First, though, we want you to be certain that you can trust the people who created Compare The Coffin.

So, here we are.


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